Our alliance and how we play (applicants should read)

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Our alliance and how we play (applicants should read)

Post  Admin on Sun Feb 08, 2009 10:22 am

Equinox is an alliance that started in server 2 by a group of very good friends. In server 2, we learned a great deal about the game and about frienship. In that server, we are a peaceful alliance and enjoy learning and growing.

However, in server 3, we are among the most aggressive alliances in the game. If you are considering applying to our mighty alliance in server3, you should consider a few things.

1. We are very aggressive. We have many enemies in the game because of this. Be sure to keep a strong military and keep your growth moving up.

2. We now require that everyone have at least one sitter in the alliance, prefrerably two. This is to ensure that your account will be monitored and watched for a variety of reasons. To watch for incoming attacks, to be able to send your troops for reinforcements to another members, and to make sure your villages continue to grow. If you are not growing, or your sitter is the one doing all your growing, you will be warned only once of this. To be the strongest alliance we all have to be active and not put the weight on our alliance mates to do it for us.

3. We are a group of friends, so that means communication is a must. If you are contacted by any other member of the alliance, we expect you to reply to that person.

4. We make our rules, guidelines, and policies as we grow and see needs for them. Anyone is welcome to make a suggestion in this area. After it is discussed here in the forums for a while, a vote will be opened if the suggestion seems to have enough support for one.


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